A peer-to-peer sponsorship marketplace.

Privacy-first Marketing solutions for Web 3. Now live on Ethereum's Kovan test network!

Powered by 0x and Ethereum

Fair Marketplace

  • Microsponsors will be a fair, neutral marketplace for sponsorships that eliminates waste, fraud and deceptive practices.
  • Microsponsors will not compete against its own market's participants. Your business is yours.
  • Our mission is to deliver top-tier marketing technology solutions on a level playing field for businesses and individuals alike, no matter the size of your audience.


  • Built on the 0x exchange protocol, all transactions will be peer-to-peer and take place through a series of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • In other words: No middlemen!
  • Sponsorships will be traded on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 "Non Fungible" tokens


  • Transparent, verifiable auctions help buyers get the best Return on Investment, and helps creators & publishers get the right price.
  • Sponsors know exactly where and when their spots run.
  • No hidden fees or deceptive pricing.


  • Privacy and respect for audiences, by design.
  • Exploring new business models for the web.

Instant Payouts

  • Market participants will be able to cash-out their earnings any time.
  • Instant transaction settlement. No waiting around!

Lower Fees

  • Ethereum + 0x.org as a payment infrastructure means lower fees.
  • 0x.org's upcoming StarkDEX will make fees even lower.


  • Market participants will be digitally verified with a tamper-proof blockchain registry.
  • Auction bids will be secured with 0x.org's cryptographic signature tools.

0x Ecosystem

Core principles:

  1. The value generated by publishers and creators should be captured by publishers and creators.
  2. All buyers, small and large, have the right to know exactly where their marketing budget is used.
  3. Blockchain apps are well-suited to eliminating fraud and waste in the ad tech industry.
  4. Privacy is a human right.

This is Web 3.0