Time is your greatest asset.

Create and auction time slots to monetize your podcast.

How it works

For Creators:

  • Creators quickly & easily create tokens that represent time slots via the Ethereum blockchain.
  • A time slot can be for: a podcast shout-out, a mention in a video or livestream or game, freelancing, events, services, charity... Be creative!
  • Each time slot automatically goes to auction on Microsponsors, the Creator picks the winning bid.
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For Sponsors:

  • Sponsors browse the market and bid on the Creators' time slots they wish to purchase.
  • Each auction has a Comments section that the Sponsor can use to ask questions and leave feedback at the end.
  • Auctions end at least 24 hours before the time slot begins.
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  • When Creators choose a winning bid, tokens are traded directly wallet-to-wallet using the 0x Protocol on the public Ethereum blockchain.
  • In other words: No middlemen! Microsponsors is basically a bulletin board with built-in auctions.
  • Bidding is completely decentralized. We cannot play favorites or interfere in bidding in any way.

Lower Fees

  • Using the Ethereum blockchain for payments means lower fees. Especially for cross-border payments.
  • Creators: no fee for registration.
  • Sponsors: no fee for bidding.
  • When a bid is accepted by a seller and the auction is over, Microsponsors charges a fee of 1.5% to each side.

Instant Payouts

  • Participants are able to cash-out their earnings any time.
  • Instant transaction settlement. No waiting around!
  • Our Referral program (slated for completion end of Q2 2020) will help you earn even more by bringing your friends along.

Fair Marketplace

  • Our mission is to deliver top-tier monetization solutions on a level playing field for businesses and individuals alike, no matter the size.
  • Microsponsors is a fair, neutral marketplace that helps eliminate waste, fraud and deceptive practices.
  • Microsponsors will not compete against its own market's participants. Your business is yours.


  • Transparent, verifiable auctions help Buyers get the best Return on Investment, and helps Creators get the right price.
  • No hidden fees or deceptive pricing. Fees are clear as you use our Exchange and are detailed in the FAQ.


  • Creators are digitally verified with a tamper-proof blockchain Registry.
  • Auction bids are secured with cryptographic signature tools.

0x Ecosystem

  • Proud grantee of the 0x.org Ecosystem Accelerator Program. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, 0x is dedicated to the free flow of value on the internet.
  • The 0x roadmap will allow Microsponsors to scale in new and innovative ways.