A peer-to-peer sponsorship marketplace and ad network.

Privacy-first AdTech solutions for Web 3. Coming in 2019.

Powered by 0x and Ethereum

Fair Marketplace

  • Microsponsors will be a fair, neutral marketplace for sponsorships and ads that eliminates waste, fraud and deceptive practices.
  • Microsponsors will not compete against its own market's participants. Your business is yours.
  • Our mission is to deliver top-tier marketing technology solutions on a level playing field for businesses and individuals alike, no matter the size of your audience.


  • Built on the 0x exchange protocol, all transactions will be peer-to-peer and take place through a series of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • In other words: No middlemen!
  • Sponsorships and ad slots will be traded on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 "Non Fungible" tokens (+ likely transition to ERC-1155 when ecosystem support is ready)


  • Transparent, verifiable auctions help buyers get the best Return on Investment, and helps publishers get the right price.
  • Sponsors and advertisers know exactly where and when their spots run.
  • No hidden fees or deceptive pricing.


  • Privacy and respect for audiences, by design.
  • GDPR-compliant out of the box, the toughest privacy standard on the planet.

Instant Payouts

  • Market participants will be able to cash-out their earnings any time.
  • Instant transaction settlement. No waiting around!

Lower Fees

  • Ethereum + 0x.org as a payment infrastructure means lower fees.
  • 0x.org's upcoming StarkDEX will make fees even lower.


  • Market participants will be digitally verified with a tamper-proof blockchain registry.
  • Auction bids will be secured with 0x.org's cryptographic signature tools.

0x Ecosystem

Core principles:

  • 1. The value generated by publishers and creators should be captured by publishers and creators.
  • 2. All buyers, small and large, have the right to know exactly where their marketing budget is used.
  • 3. Blockchain apps are well-suited to eliminating fraud and waste in the ad tech industry.
  • 4. Privacy is a human right.

This is Web 3.0